Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Java Environment variable set-up for Path and Classpath Step-by-step

How to set Environment Variables in Java: 
Path and Class_path 

This article will help you to set-up JAVA environment path in window machine. if you want to know How to install JAVA? Refer JAVA Download and Installation step-by-step

Follow the steps mentioned here, will make you to enable JAVA PATH in your machine.

Step 1: Right click on This PC, and click Properties

Step 2: Click Advanced system settings on Control Panel Home Screen (Control Panel\System and Security\System).

Step 3: Go to Advanced tab in System properties screen, and click Environment Variable button.

Step 4 : Click New button in User variable section.

Step 5 : Go to your JAVA installed path and copy the address as text

Step 6: Type PATH as variable name, past the JAVA bin path in value field. Click OK.

Step 7: Again follow the step 4 to 6 for setting JAVA CLASS_PATH. Here you need to give  …\Java\jdk-10\lib path.

You will see your changes as like below screen..

Well. Now, you have successfully completed JAVA environment path setup process.

How to verify JAVA installed in my system? refer here

Download Java Installation Free quick book in PDF

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